Helena Indian Alliance

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News and Events

News and current events at the Helena Indian Alliance

Women's support group Mondays at 530pm to 7pm. Potluck, free, open to public.

Wellbriety Support group - Fridays noon to 1pm - Classroom 1. Free, Co-ed, open to public.

Parenting Classes - November 29th, 4p-6p for 8 weeks - 
Classroom 2. Must be registered with the clinic.

Medicaid update

Everyone can apply for Medicaid any time during the year. Medicaid includes DENTAL and VISION coverage! Due to huge changes, you may be eligible for Medicaid this year even you weren’t eligible in the past. We strongly encourage everyone to apply for the new Medicaid!

If you have questions about your current Medicaid status and benefits, you can call the Montana Medicaid Helpline at (888) 706-1535. Assistance is available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.