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August 2018

I watched a Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute webinar recently that was presented by Dr. Jen Nash. She said there are over 30 reasons why we may choose to eat and only one reason is because we are hungry. Often there are psychological issues that result in overeating such as having experienced trauma, childhood abuse, sexual abuse, low self-esteem, and depression. Frequently, it seems patients are told the simple solution to diabetes is to “eat right and exercise” or “just take medication”. Although eating nourishing foods, getting physical activity, and taking medications are all very important, there is more to managing diabetes. Each person is different and there are many things that influence how diabetes might affect someone.


I love the following paragraph from the Behavioral Diabetes Institute (behavioraldiabetes.org):  

“Living well with diabetes takes emotional strength. Why? Because this is a tough disease. Diabetes is more than just a simple matter of eating right and taking your medications. Staying strong emotionally is the key to keeping stress under control and your blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels where they belong. Unfortunately, people with diabetes as well as doctors often neglect these “real life” aspects of the disease”.

Here at the Leo Pocha Clinic, we are here to help whether you are at-risk for developing diabetes, have pre-diabetes, or have diabetes.  Please call the clinic at 449-5796 to schedule an appointment. 

Jan Campana, APRN, and Kristel Kishbaugh, Diabetes Educator, help people living with diabetes.  Our hope is that everyone living with diabetes who comes to the Leo Pocha Clinic will feel comfortable as we all work together to help you.

If you are a person living with diabetes who has not had an appointment in over 3 months, please call the clinic at 449-5796 to schedule an appointment.

We look forward to visiting with you!

Jan Campana, MSN, APRN
Diabetes Nurse Practitioner
Kristel Kishbaugh, MSN, RN
RN Diabetes Program Manager